Anna Álvarez Compañía's work includes solo works, collaborations and ensemble productions. Work is created from the inside out, using interdisciplinary performances that are influenced by the teaching and practices of the Latin American Diaspora.  



Creative Team

  • Anna Alvarez: artistic director and founder (bio below)
  • Andrea Pelaez: Director/ Rehearsal Director
  • Ed Hughes: Rehearsal Director
  • Emma Evans: Admin and Producer
  • Joe Mackingtosh: Creative Producer for Moonlight
  • John Castrillon: Production Manager
  • Eliane Correa: Musician for Where are my glasses?
  • Hej Jones: Musician for Moonlight



  • Hsing Ya Wu
  • Sharin Johry
  • Akshay Sharma
  • Mariana Camilotti
  • Yonly Leyva Desdunes
  • Mehmet Arik
  • David Chartowski

Press / testimonials

Lukas Awards 2019 (runner up) Best Production