Moonlight (2019)

Moonlight (Ch’isi) performed at CASA 2019, Arcola Theatre, London. (c) Carole Edrich 2019

Moonlight is a dance theatre piece rooted in native Mapuche culture – the indig- enous tribes of Argentina and Chile. For them, the time of moonlight was the time of ceremony.
“Ch’Isi” uses the languages of dance, theatre and video projection to tell the story of a young woman seeking to trace her family ancestry to better understand her own identity and legacy.
Exploring the mythical and real worlds of three generations of women, it travels deep into the roots of Mapuche culture and the tension between these and modern urban life.

Moonlight is a bewitching mix of traditional and modern dance.“- Leo Garid, Islington Tribune.
Watch the trailer.

Moonlight (Ch’isi) performed at CASA 2019, Arcola Theatre, London. (c) Carole Edrich 2019

Creative Team:
Choreography, concept: Anna Alvarez 
Director and Dramaturg: Andrea Pelaez
Associate Director: Ed Hughes
Projection Artist: Sofi Lee-Henson
Technical Support: C3 Productions
Music: Hej Jones
Costume: Ellen Conrad
Lighting Designer: Matt Whale

Moonlight is available for touring from 2022 onwards, please contact Emma with any enquiries.

Where Are My Glasses? (2017)

Where are my glasses?, created through 2 weeks of R&D with Charlotte Vincent at ONCA Gallery, as part of Brighton Festival 2017. WAMG explores a personal story of domestic violence and finding a new life after abuse.

We are hoping to revisit this work throughout 2021. We are currently seeking funding for R&D to explore the digital potential for this project.

Please contact Emma if you’re interested in supporting this work in any capacity.

Commissions & Collaborations

El Districto (2020)

Artolution’s head of performance, CJ Thomas, works alongside Anna Alvarez, international performer and choreographer, Kevin Ramirez, local dance leader, and Angélica Rojas of Circo Capuchini to lead a group of participants in expressing their stories of the challenges they face together through dance. In February 2020, Artolution’s group of teaching artists worked with the vibrant community of Distrito Aguablanca located in Cali, Colombia. This community is largely populated by Afro-Colombians, residents fleeing violence in the pacific coastal region, Mestizos, and most recently, Venezuelan refugees. The project culminated with a public performance attended by community members and partners of the program. This project was in partnership with Colombo Americano, Pintuco, Biblioghetto, and Circo Capuchini – all local organizations in Colombia.

La Lucha (2019-20)

Choreography and movement direction by Anna Alvarez.

La Lucha (2019-2020) is a co-creation by Crowded Room and 9 Latin American migrant cleaners as they fight for justice and understanding in the face of workplace exploitation. Using a combination of documentary storytelling & scenes devised & edited by the group, the film invites audiences to walk in the shoes of ‘las luchadoras’ and to be inspired by the change that comes from collective action.

‘I think that every day, we make notes in our… in our book of life. We all have so many wonderful things saved away, and kept close, to offer. These are moments that we’ve not been able to portray, but we’ve kept them close’ -Guadalupe Norizt

Wheelchair Tango (2019)

Choreographed and Performed by Anna Alavrez and Mehmet Arik.

A project exploring the boundaries and connection of Tango. Supported by The Lowry, ACE, Norwich Arts Fund and in collaboration with The Wheelchair Dance Project, Izmir, Turkey

Read Mehmet’s blog about the experience.

Performed as part of South East Dance’s, Our City Dances in 2019, catch a snippet and Anna chatting about the experience in this video.

Two Women Can Tango (2019)

Movement Direction and choreography by Anna Alvarez.

Reem, living in London on a sponsored visa, has only a couple of months before her visa expires when she meets Alma, a Tango instructor who sweeps her off her feet the minute they have their first Tango together. As the dance between the two women escalate, Reem’s days in London become countable. She is left with only one choice to make.

Watch the film.
Silver Award Winner for Short Fiction Film, at Geneva International Oriental Film Festival 2020.

Directed by Maria Abdel Karim

The Maids (2018)

Choreography and Movement Direction by Anna Alvarez.

The Maids (2018), Outcast Theatre Company, Stockwell Playhouse.
Jean Genet’s The Maids, was inspired by a real-life case of the infamous sisters. Christine and Léa Papin, who murdered their employer and her daughter in 1933.

Director: Francesca Olivares